Wednesday, October 15, 2008


(Pronounced Pom-a-jeez-a-god-all-ah) Try saying that 10 times fast.
Alright, it's time for me to make some big cash the easy way. Over the years, one method has proven to work very well! So today, I unleash a new and improved deity!!!
Since healthy eating is a big deal and it's staying power in most peoples minds and wallets is unquestioned, I've decided to combine two fields of interest. God and Allah have been big names over the years in different parts of the world, but if I'm to make big money, I've got to go international.
Here is my prototype deity, unveiled on October 15th, 2008.

I couldn't find many options for God, so Morgon Freeman in Bruce Almighty was the closest thing I could find... don't forget, this is a BETA release, so please let me know if it's fitting.
Also, I had difficulty finding any information regarding what Allah looks like too, so I borrowed some attire and traditional facial hair. Last, but clearly not least, the Pomegranate. We all know the anti-oxidative capacities by now right?! If not, here you go.
Did you see that?! Micromoles of Trolox!
Now bow to me and give me whatever is left of your savings after the stocks are done taking a restroom break.

1 comment:

GrillTech said...

So what is the carb and calorie content of a typical serving. Now that I'm working out I need to watch these things.. While not working at an atkins level of carb limits I am cutting down on carbs.

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