Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Come And Get Your Caste!

Do you like what you've been given in life? Why is it that the nice guy finishes last?
To start this one, I thought I'd tell a true story about a good samaritan. A friend of mine found a wallet on the street, called the owner and handed over the wallet. A short time later, my friend gets a call from the cops having them come in to dispute a claim that my friend stole $50 from the wallet. The cops would not let my friend leave without admitting the action. After hours of arguing my friends innocence, being young and inexperienced with law, finally agreed to sign off that they'd taken the money. The cops made a number of insinuations that my friend was in a tough situation and needed the money. My friend should have said that the cops would have to speak with an appointed lawyer. After signing the papers to get out of the cops custody, my friend had to pay $350 and do a weeks worth of community service with your common law breaker. It is still on my friends record.
Does that make your blood boil? It does mine!! A good deed doesn't pay off. Financial well being is all that matters in this messed up society known as the United States. We hate the idea of one ounce of socialism because the person on the other end will milk the system for everything it's worth without any accountability. Basically, what comes around doesn't necessarily go around. When accountability and morality break down, the entire system breaks down. If the current economic situation doesn't prove that, I'm not exactly sure what does?!?! The pure capitalist believes that Americas morality and accountability is flawless and will take care of itself. Again, look at the current economy. If you let "the man" run wild, greed will take over and the desire to climb the social ladder can and will affect everyone! Your companies CEO will tell you one month that your company picnic has been put off until another time. The next month, they cut back on the paper plates and free coffee in the break room. Soon you'll be hearing that they've frozen raises for the entire coming year. No matter how much of a performer you are, your ability to advance is gone. Then the company fires 10% of it's work force, demanding the other 90% pick up the slack. A few months go by and they do the same thing again. Eventually, everyone is working like a slave. Barely getting by since raises were cut out but the cost of living keeps going up. Guess what though, the people at the top love this situation! The money has filtered up and they can now pay for their eighth vacation house and the upgrade from their old Learjet 45 to the new 60 has really been quite the treat! You're back in corporation land wishing that one of your 8,000 applications to a slightly better job will get noticed, but it turns out that six percent of the workforce is out of work entirely, so you're grateful that you have an actual income. Those CEO's and higher up managers are loving the situation! They chant go Bush! Go McCain! Go capitalism! Whoo hoo!!! We love being rich! Who cares about those slaves?! How in the world did the North ever win anyways?! Hey, hey, I know the answer to that last question! My hands up! Teacher, teacher, call on me, call on me! I know, I know, I know!!!! It's that the people got sick and f***ing tired of getting nothing in return and rose up and said it's about time that those greedy, slimy pieces of sh!t get knocked down a notch!
Then there was this other problem that completely ruined liberals (socialists right?) street credentials. They let accountability go right out the window too! Just hand over the money from the rich to the poor for doing no work at all. Heck, at least the rich were working for it right? Most people resort to muttering the letters w t and f at this point and just give up the idea of being politically involved. It turns out that there's a simple answer to it all. Take that taxed cash from the rich (who are, by the way, still very rich) and make jobs out of it. Those jobs have accountability held to them. Don't maintain your accountability and the job goes out the window. Wait, that still doesn't fix it all does it? There's this other side of things. People getting benefits since they aren't physically able to work. There will always be somebody more than willing to milk the system and get something for nothing and there isn't anything that makes peoples blood boil more than messing up that system we talked about earlier. You give and you get. It's a trade, bartering if you will. My time for your time. My effort for your effort. When that system goes out the window, the person on the short end of the stick gets grumpy.
To be completely honest, I don't know how to handle that problem. People need to hold accountability. We all hope that education will help teach people that fundamental part of society. Religion makes that element a key part of its teachings. Religion is the only form of morality teaching that most people get. Numbers vary, but approximately 88% of all people in the U.S. are religious. What does religion let you do though? There's a loophole known as an Act of Contrition. It lets you say sorry and all is forgiven. That's code wording for do whatever you really want to do, then say sorry and all will be right. That means, go out and plunder other people financially, say sorry, keep the money and all is good both on earth and in your afterlife. Where did the accountability go? Right out the window! Do you suppose the owner of that wallet got on their knees and said I'm sorry God, for I have sinned...? My thought is that it doesn't really matter. My friend got the short end of the stick no matter how you look at it.

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