Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yep, I'm going to blog about it, but before I do, I'd like to put in a foreword. If you are religious, this will enrage you. That is not the purpose of this writing though. It is to inform you about how religion is extremely socially divisive.

Religion has messed up too many things in this world for me to not be absolutely furious at it! Religion creates very large divisions in social behaviors. One religion (doesn't matter which one) says "we're the best because we do things this way" (whatever "way" their religion practices) and another religion says "we're better than you because we do it
this other way." That means that no matter what religion you believe in, the closer you follow it, the better you feel about yourself in society because it has convinced you that you are now superior for following the religion very strictly and blindly. Since you are superior, you must have the right to push down inferior people, which is anyone of another religion and especially non-believers. Repression of other people is the root of all evil! Religion is evil! Diversity of all sorts is a good thing! Just so that you can comprehend what I'm saying, maybe consider this... the only thing you can eat for breakfast from now on is Wheaties. For lunch, a turkey sandwich. For dinner, McDonalds Big Mac and fries. This might sound appetizing to most and you could handle that no problem for a long time. Eventually, you're going to want a big burrito or a steak for dinner. Then you'll want fettuccine alfredo for lunch. And why does it always have to be cereal for breakfast, what about omlets, yogurt or oranges? You're going to want to try something different! Diversity of foods in your diet, what a concept!

The closer you become in your religion to fundamental (meaning you believe and follow through with every last word their book has to say), the more dangerous you become to society. The people who flew jumbo jets into our Twin Towers were as fundamental to their religion as it gets. All other contries have their own version of fundamentalism to whatever religion they practice most. The U.S. loves violence on t.v., but hates nudity in any fashion (although they obviously get hooked on pornography when nobody else is judging them for it). "The Passion Of Christ" was the extremely violent version of the story of Jesus and it outsold all other movie versions of the story by leaps and bounds. What does that say about our society? We're hateful and violent... the same thing we hate about those stupid terrorists in the middle east.
Lack of intellect is what causes this problem. The less women in the middle east have access to schooling, the greater the number of Al-queda members (consider reading Three Cups of Tea if you don't believe that statement). The more people in the U.S. fundamentally believe in their religion, the more President Bush's we have. Do you fully comprehend what he has done to our economy and way of life?! No more will I sit back and be quiet about this bullshit. Religion's divisiveness has thoroughly pissed me off! Oddly enough though, I'm not anything that really pisses off religious people until they find out that I'm an atheist. I'm not gay, I've got better morals than 95% of society, I'm as physically fit as possible, I eat right, I consciously mull over the good and bad in every decision that I make and I give everyone a shooting chance to prove the quality of their character. In return, the moment I've been determined to be an atheist, I am judged as some sort of Satanic being. As the original George Bush put it: "No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God." If there is a way to irritate me, there it is! Arrogance built from ignorance is unacceptable!

Go ahead and give your comments to this, I know beforehand that they will be with hate and anger since you feel like you have been ripped on unfairly. You the reader is not the intended target. The religion that you have been pulled into via social manipulation throughout your life is what I'm attacking. The attack is on ignorance brought forth by blindly following an old set of rules that is extremely black and white with extensive divisiveness.

Post script
Did you know that there were a minimum of four decades
between Jesus's death and the beginning of the writing of the Old Testament? And that Old Testament, it had to evolve into the New Testament as it was just too violent to do the job in modern times


Lloyd said...

This is great, more people need to read stuff like this. Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree....well said.

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