Thursday, August 27, 2009

News And Rambling

September 11th, a group of guys are going to take off on a trip in the Wallowa Mountains and venture through some amazing terrain. Fish will be caught, booze will be consumed, and tales (fibs) of greatness will be told around campfires far from the civilized world.

A few other peaks and lakes will have to be visited as well while we're near by.

Of other news, the State Time Trial went alright. I was satisfied to have posted my first sub 52 minute 40K (24.8 miles) time trial. It was close to 29mph average, but how cool would 30 be?!
Up next, the Bogus Basin Hill Climb. I'm not expecting anything more than a good hard effort and catching up with friends, although I wouldn't turn down a good result.
Outside of that, I just thought that I'd mention that I don't want the summer to end. Fresh fruits and vegetables at their peak can't be beat. Enough sunshine to make a lot of the happy drug, vitamin D. It doesn't take half an hour to put clothes on to go outside. The mountains are venture-able (feel free to use my new word). Rivers are tube-able (I did it again, but it's not patented either). Please, speak with your local congressman about making a new law that winter does not come around but for a select few locations to ski/board at.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Better Pictures Than Results

Nationals was too hot. I melted down and didn't finish well. Some kind of stomach bug got me the Sunday before and felt to be gone by go time, but who knows. Excuses are like A-holes, everyone's got one. Luckily, I produced a 19:29 Thursday night TT (course and personal record since the chip seal was put on in 04) before the fan and the poop met.
Immediately after Nationals, I met up with my Dad and Raina for some backpacking in the Sawtooth Mountains.

A campfire at Redfish Lake

The next morning at the lake

After hiking into Alice Lake, we were treated to this view

Heading from Alice Lake to Toxaway Lake, we saw Twin Lakes from the pass.

Toxaway Lake

Laying down once at a mountain lake and dropping pack is always a good thing.

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