Friday, September 25, 2009

There Is Always Something To Look Forward To

Mountains are an inviting and challenging place to visit. The feeling of being vulnerable to nature brings about a feeling of being alive. Rather than be protected by the technologies of modern society, placing yourself into a way of life regarded by many as foolish gives a sense of strength. Add to that a group of good friends, some Redrum, and a couple cameras and you have a mix for a fantastic time.
37 miles per my gps
The 3D version
Seth and Mike with a brew at Wallowa Lake
Horsing around never gets old
Almost to Glacier Lake. The eyes were treated to much beauty.

A campfire somehow mesmerizes one into a calm
My lil' beagle Lucy had to stay warm too! A sleeping bag's bag turned into a dog sleeping bag

Ride the wave out of Glacier Lake

Nothing wakes a guy up like hopping into a cold mountain lake.

Mike, Seth and Sady at Glacier Pass
20+ footer at Mirror Lake
Seth, Mike and I at Mirror Lake

Mike on the way up to Eagle Cap
The view from Eagle Cap! Top notch!

Lucy enjoying the view too

Moccasin Lake

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tree, Daisy, Red

Last Sunday, I earned my first concussion at Moscow Mountain Madness. After multiple rides on the new mountain bike, I decided that going back to my origins and racing would be alright. A little prior to the mid point, my chain decided to break and send me to the ground. Not that I remember exactly what happened, but given that when I came to I had a broken chain, that's got to be what happened. For around 15 minutes, Ted Chauvin walked along the trail with me and I only remember the last little bit of it. He told me that we had walked around one and a half miles, but it seemed more like a few hundred yards. Coming to felt very much so like waking from a dream. As for the title of this blog, I was asked to remember the words tree, daisy, red and then randomly required to recite them after the race. Sure enough, I remembered it waaay too well.

Before downhilling at Brundage on my 30th birthday

Bry, Tim and Jim going through the easy stuff

Me, Jim, Bry and Tim

Hopping a log along the Fischer Creek Trail

Matt Hibbard going over the same log

Me, Jason, Derek and Matt

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