Friday, September 25, 2009

There Is Always Something To Look Forward To

Mountains are an inviting and challenging place to visit. The feeling of being vulnerable to nature brings about a feeling of being alive. Rather than be protected by the technologies of modern society, placing yourself into a way of life regarded by many as foolish gives a sense of strength. Add to that a group of good friends, some Redrum, and a couple cameras and you have a mix for a fantastic time.
37 miles per my gps
The 3D version
Seth and Mike with a brew at Wallowa Lake
Horsing around never gets old
Almost to Glacier Lake. The eyes were treated to much beauty.

A campfire somehow mesmerizes one into a calm
My lil' beagle Lucy had to stay warm too! A sleeping bag's bag turned into a dog sleeping bag

Ride the wave out of Glacier Lake

Nothing wakes a guy up like hopping into a cold mountain lake.

Mike, Seth and Sady at Glacier Pass
20+ footer at Mirror Lake
Seth, Mike and I at Mirror Lake

Mike on the way up to Eagle Cap
The view from Eagle Cap! Top notch!

Lucy enjoying the view too

Moccasin Lake

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