Wednesday, October 07, 2009

If Only All Of Life Could Be So Perfect.

This may be the first time that I have posted too many pictures. Well worth it though. What a trip! These are all with Mike's camera.
Mike feeding the 5x6 buck with Lucy very curious and nervous.
Lucy and Sadie eager to get going
Sadie over heating already
Starting out

Frazier Lake... Mike foreground
Tired but determined to get to Glacier Lake
Seth taking in the views
Lucy doing the same
Glacier Lake, worth the extra effort

It gives perspective a bit huh? And that was the smaller end of the lake.

Saving it for the next go around
Coming down off of Glacier Pass
We met up with a good group of fellow backpackers from Portland who shared their wine in exchange for some of our Redrum and Vodka.
Never pass up a chance to have fun!
The morning after, a few hung over people in there.
On the way up to Eagle Cap
Near Eagle Cap

Headed out from Mirror Lake

1 comment:

theHSG said...

Wow! So awesome! Too many pics? No way. I could look at this stuff forever. Great shots BTW. Eagle Cap looks beautiful.

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