Friday, December 18, 2009

Should Have Brought The Camera Out More

Until subzero temps hit, Mike, Jason and I had been out mountain biking a lot! Sadly, I don't have too many shots to show for it. I need a point and shoot camera again that fits easily into a jersey pocket!
A while back, I was asked to be a model for some cycling shots. Obviously I couldn't turn that down! Here are some of the resulting shots:
If you like the shots, take a look at some of the rest of his stuff

Yesterday, I got to model again, but this time as a runner. An interesting turn from cycling I suppose. When they get to me, they'll be here.
At Bob's, I've been keeping their Twitter and Facebook accounts plugging along. Check 'em out and
I've also been hitting the gym to gain something my body has long forgotten about... muscle above the waist. I used to say that the goal was a T-rex build and it seemed to work. Now it's time to have some level of balance.
In other news, the amazing mountain biking here in the valley seems to be coming to a close with all this melting snow. Jason and I did hit the trails after one of the recent snow storms with around 25psi in the tires which proved to work pretty well!
Soon it will be time to hit the mountain in a completely new way... skis!

Jason and Mike hike-a-bike'n it up trail 4 when we did a reverse Stueby's Death March. I can't claim to have made it up the trail without a little shoulder time too.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Into The Snow We Go

Mike and I decided to hit up Pilot Peak a few weekends back and it was a bit more of an adventure than I originally thought it may be! We had planned Julie Creek Trail for some mountain biking, but the new snow clearly put that trail out of commission without even having to see it.
Moores Creek Summit
On the way up

It got slick on occasion which made things just that much more fun!
The final 3/4th's of a mile was unpacked... hoofing it we did
Eventually we decided it was safe to leave the bikes behind
Mike running the last bit
It's good to be king of the world for a moment :)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Catch Up Game

Mountain biking, running, and weight lifting have filled my time in the last how ever many weeks. Loving it too! In reverse order, here are the adventures that I've been getting into lately.
Where do Boise's lights end and the sunset begin?
A great view from the top of Stack Rock!
Climbing this in cycling clothes was more difficult.

Yup, it's a good size rock

The costume looked more like a safari guide/tourist with the camera around my neck. Good times!
Kai can throw a good party

McCall knows how to carve pumpkins
Lucy at Boulder Lake
Dad near Granite Peak
Jared and Derek after going through the rock garden at Table Rock

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

If Only All Of Life Could Be So Perfect.

This may be the first time that I have posted too many pictures. Well worth it though. What a trip! These are all with Mike's camera.
Mike feeding the 5x6 buck with Lucy very curious and nervous.
Lucy and Sadie eager to get going
Sadie over heating already
Starting out

Frazier Lake... Mike foreground
Tired but determined to get to Glacier Lake
Seth taking in the views
Lucy doing the same
Glacier Lake, worth the extra effort

It gives perspective a bit huh? And that was the smaller end of the lake.

Saving it for the next go around
Coming down off of Glacier Pass
We met up with a good group of fellow backpackers from Portland who shared their wine in exchange for some of our Redrum and Vodka.
Never pass up a chance to have fun!
The morning after, a few hung over people in there.
On the way up to Eagle Cap
Near Eagle Cap

Headed out from Mirror Lake

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