Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Into The Snow We Go

Mike and I decided to hit up Pilot Peak a few weekends back and it was a bit more of an adventure than I originally thought it may be! We had planned Julie Creek Trail for some mountain biking, but the new snow clearly put that trail out of commission without even having to see it.
Moores Creek Summit
On the way up

It got slick on occasion which made things just that much more fun!
The final 3/4th's of a mile was unpacked... hoofing it we did
Eventually we decided it was safe to leave the bikes behind
Mike running the last bit
It's good to be king of the world for a moment :)


HSG said...

Sweet! Love biking in the snow! Great pics.

Dancinbackwards said...

Love all the pictures on your blog! Found yours through the Hot Springs Guy, looks like you go on some great adventures!

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