Monday, December 03, 2007

A Back Log Blog

A couple long hikes and a trip to a rockin hot springs is all I've got to report this time... here they are:
1st hike - Tad, Calvin, Erik and I took off from Harris Ranch. Slack and I made it to the top of Lucky Peak and back, 3000ft of elevation change over 11 miles. Good to get the legs prepped for the hard hike.
Over the same weekend, Kyley, Gavin and I were in McCall for Thanksgiving and decided to venture to a new hot springs. On the drive in, we had to ford a fairly deep (16" or so) creek and the only way it would be somewhat possible was to break up the ice dam on the far side.
Once we made it across (that was a thrill!) and past the one mile hike, Vulcan hot springs were great. Rhett, Gavin and I getting cooked at an even 103 degrees.
The following weekend; the big hike:
I missed the Bob's group hike and took off from the same point (top of Brumback) thinking I might catch them. Headed up the "freeway" to Hull's Gulch to 8th St to a trail that I couldn't find the name of to the Boise Ridge to 5 Mile trail to Rocky Canyon Rd to a couple more trails that I didn't find names for... maybe I'll read the map sometime and figure out what trails I was on at the end there. Somebody had been cyclocross riding on the trails in the snow. Whoever you are, you are officially hardcore.
18.7 miles at 3.2 mph = 6hrs of hiking with a tough beagle named Lucy.

On 5 Mile trail, just before meeting up with Rocky Canyon Rd, I came across this old structure. Maybe it was used by hunters?
Getting back to the car was a welcome site! I'm still a bit tired.

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Stu Cycling said...

I can't believe you didn't test! I don't believe in testing bla bla aka not knowing the truth, what good is that. You should get online and see if you can find some articles on how not know the truth is awesome and productive to racing!!!

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