Monday, July 07, 2008

A Temporary Lifestyle Change

Life is a bit simpler and better when you can get away from the city. This time, the trip was to Curtis Lake for almost four days. This expedition was made even more exciting with a tough decision needing to be made on the way into the lake. When the trail dropped off of the ridge, it proved impossible to find again for the two of us. Earlier that day (the 3rd), Dad, Tara and Josh had hiked in and, as it turned out, lost the trail as well. We were starting a bit on the late side (8:19 to be exact) and had to rock out on the trip in to have daylight the whole way. Expecting quality trail the whole way, we figured it wouldn't be a big issue. When the trail disappeared without a trace, things became a whole lot more interesting! Having started with only the end destination on the GPS, I knew roughly what needed to be done even if the trail did drop out. Turned out that the GPS was extremely useful! When the sun started going down, we had to choose between setting up camp at a small lake/pond that was just past half way and continuing on in the dark. We chose the latter and still did not have a trail to hike. We crossed the trail twice in our zig-zagging to the lake, but both times were in marshy areas that were tough to follow the trail even in the daylight. We even lost the trail again for a short ways on the way out! Needless to say, the trail could use some upkeep work.

In an attempt to find where the trail dropped off, we traversed the ridge, to no avail. The line you see off of the ridge is from the hike back.

Charlene relaxing with the fishing pole.

Josh and I taking Lucy out for a trip on the raft. By the time we got back to shore, the Redrum was gone. If for any reason you may need to know, that glass bottle doesn't float until it's over half way empty.

Lucy eventually decided it was safer to get away from the drunken sailors

Dad and Tara did the tough job of catching dinner while Josh and I were still working on the Redrum

A view from above

A candid panorama from camp

The whole crew

Looking from the trail as far as the Sawtooth Range

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