Monday, December 08, 2008

Council Mountain Hot Springs

The plan was to hit the hot springs and then a lookout. Both No Business Lookout and Indian Lookout were in close proximity and were valid options. After making it out from the hot springs, the weather turned a bit and started snowing on us. Not much of a lookout kind of day. Still, we found what turns out to be a place with amazing potential to have a very well built hot spring pool. The amount of hot water going through Warm Springs Creek is overwhelming! It's such a strong flow of hot water that the whole creek is warm in places! Currently, it's just a small pool that is likely rebuilt each year after spring runoff. The temperatures are fantastic and could maintain at least a couple very large pools.

In separate news, the weather has been good enough for a couple Bogus climbs in the last week. Unbelievable since it's supposed to be close to opening day for Bogus in a normal year. Since Sunday, the hill is starting to look a bit more like it's supposed to this time of year, so the hill may be turned over to my other hobbies soon.

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