Monday, March 16, 2009

My Bike Misses Me

When a long time cyclist cuts back the hours significantly and picks up the time on the weights, something odd happens. Efficiency on the bike isn't too bad and power is fine too, but endurance takes a major hit! In the first race of the year, I found myself in the winning break, only to sputter late in the race and lose over seven minutes in around 18 miles. Huh?! Really? Seven minutes?! Yup, endurance at race pace is gone. I was helping power it along effectively with eventual winner Sam Krieg, but lost everything with a lap to go. It went straight from being fine and powering along to nothing left in a really big hurry. Typically the only thing that would do such a thing to me is a bonk, but I only had a partial bonk. The majority of the problem was just a lack of big glycogen stores, mixed with overworked hamstrings that I now know haven't gotten enough work in the gym. Time to hit the bike a bit more.

Topic #2.... I need a job.
Anyone who might be interested in employing me, here's the important stuff:


Lewis Clark State College, Lewiston, Idaho: September 2000 – May 2003

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Minor in Information Systems


·        Currently hold a USDOD (Department of Defense) secret clearance.
·        Provided time critical support to over 500,000 customers in a fast paced environment working multiple problems at a time documenting incident-response issues in BMC/Remedy/AR System database.
·        On-demand customer support services include; desktop and laptop software and driver installations in Windows XP/2000 and Windows Server 2000/2003; system configuration, maintenance, and peripheral hardware support; active directory management; Terminal Services resolution; MS Exchange 2003 troubleshooting; network remote access via broadband and dialup.
·        Network+ certification


2004-2008 Service Desk Analyst Navy Marine Corp Intranet (EDS), Boise, ID

Navy network user administration, software troubleshooting and documentation in various databases


2002-2003 Detailer Musselman’s Rental & Sales, Lewiston, ID

Maintain organization in a large scale mechanics shop; detail heavy machinery

2001 Pool Technician Clearwater Pool Service, Lewiston, ID

Build and service pools

1998-2000 Landscaper Moscow Landscaping, Moscow, ID

Install sprinkler systems, lawns, ponds and plants

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