Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here's How To Make It Through Winter With A Smile On Your Face!

Here's to a slew of good times that need to be displayed! This winter hasn't been too harsh lately and has awoken the outdoorsy urge in this ol' boy!
Last minute addition of some chain lube. Mountain bikes eat that stuff for lunch!
Mike and I early in the ride out in the Wilson and Reynolds Creeks area
Really, it was THIS big! Note the giant pile of crap in front of my wheel.
Taking in some sun and views
We conquered some serious rocks!
Okay, maybe not really this one.
Daryl, Cody, Me, Mike
Daryl sizing up The Rock!
The Rock Drop! Yup, he made it and showed us all up. The price for failure was going down a pretty nasty drop!
The China Walls, built to speed the development of a ditch to irrigate the land further down Reynolds Creek. Just as we popped out of the canyon, we saw Josh and Jennifer.
The machine in it's element
Mike "Jordan" Shaw post jumping during a hike up to the ridge on the east side near Hilltop
Flying Spidy Matt
Rocketing Rayl skydiving from 5ft
Mike and I skiing Bogus

Cody looking over Jump Creek Falls
The ladder
When push comes to shove
This place always reminds me of a slip 'n slide... or maybe it's a bit Goonies style
The Crew: Me, Darin, Mike, Kelsey, Ben, and Shirley (Cody got to be the photographer)

The second water fall

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