Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All Sorts Of New Stuff

A couple trips out in the mountains and the pictures accumulate rapidly! There are a couple mountain bike videos at the bottom to top things off.

1st, a camping trip to Spring Bar along the Salmon River with family

Kathleen, Rhett and Mark held still for 16 seconds! Impressive!

The family hiking up Box Canyon. Rhett and Kathleet must have collected 20 snails.

The raft trip across the Salmon River was an adventure! We hit an undertow section that lit up our eyes for a second or two.

On the hike up to Cable Car (or French Creek) hot springs

Cable Car hot springs

The hollowed out log is said to be over 100 years old!

The mine shaft hot springs had some tiny bats in it. They were yawning and stretching every now and again. Sleepy lil' fellers.
Lucy was more than willing to take a dip in some warm water

The mine shaft went back maybe 35 feet, although I didn't go past the bats.

A couple views out from inside the mine

That's one strong tree! Okay, maybe it grew up around the rock

Lucy decided to take a quick dip in the Salmon. I followed suit shortly after.

Lianne and I crossing Wind River Pack Bridge

The salmon dinner. Mmm!
2nd, a hiking trip in the Owyhee's with Mike that resulted in watching the UFC fights in a small town bar (The Y-Bar in Grand View) and getting a few free drinks while we were at it. Top it off with HUGE, delicious burgers and it made for a pretty darn good day!

Camel Falls

A poptart break

Ha! Was going for a creek shot and caught Mike grabbing a barb on a fence post.

Pole Creek

Pole Creek Canyon

100+ft drop off view

A herd of antelope on the other side of the canyon

Jason and I's video going down Hull's Gulch

Jason, Mike K, Mike S, and I's video of riding the Wilson Creek/Reynolds Creek loop

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HSG said...

Right on! Cable Car looks great too!

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