Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bear Valley, Three Forks Hot Springs, Middle Fork Of The Owyhee, Mt. Borah, Seven Devils And A New Bike

This is the blog to cover many of last summers trips. Yeah, I kinda lumped them all together, but summer is too nice to be blogging right?
Bear Valley Lake

Jake, Ashley and Laura at the entrance to Minnetonka Cave
Laura and I

The stairway out of hell? Turns out it's cold

I think I saw an alien back in there

Be prepared for extreme winds at night at Bear Valley Lake! Many tents were blown down

Bear Valley hot springs, highly recommended!

Three Forks hot (warm) springs. It's an entire creek and extremely beautiful!

Lucy, Joey, Ozzy and Laura crossing the Owyhee River

And to think that is all nice and warm at about 95 degree. Best soaked on a hot summer day.

The mouth of the canyon along the Middle Fork of the Owyhee River. Watch for rattlesnakes before the canyon on warm days! We saw three

Crawdad warfare

It's a small creek in the summer with deep sections!

Just outside of Arco

Starting the ascent of Mt. Borah

After climbing 2,000 ft, only 3,000 to go

Starting Chicken Out Ridge

The Lost River Mountain Range

Mike on the class three scramble of Chicken Out Ridge... and then add snow.

The view from atop Mt. Borah

Tired and ready for dinner and a beer

The new Karbona Elite with Campagnolo Chorus! Finally, a nice road bike that is alllll mine.

The view of the Seven Devils from Nut Basin

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Josh (HSG) said...

Frickin awesome!!

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