Friday, October 01, 2010

We Were The Highest Of All

Dear blog, you have been neglected for quite a while now. So here's to at least a minimal return to the blogosphere.

On September 12th, Mike and I decided we would attempt to conquer the highest peak in Idaho, Mount Borah. At 12,662 feet above sea level, this behemoth presented a number of challenges including a mile of vertical elevation change, a class three scramble with severe drop offs on both sides (Chicken Out Ridge), and snow deep enough to sink waist deep into. Two days prior, a friend had attempted it and got into far too much snow to reach the top. We were lucky enough for at least half of that to melt by the time we got there. Knowing not entirely what was in store for us, here is what happened:

1 comment:

Doug Idaho said...

Wow wow...yikes yikes....that was cringe inducing. Enjoyed it though. Congrats on conquering Borah.

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