Monday, February 07, 2011

Five Days In Jackson Hole

New Years in Jackson Hole was one to never be forgotten! In five days, we back country skied Teton Pass, skied at Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee, ice climbed at Grand Targhee, cross country skied into Huckleberry hot springs and threw down one crazy night at the Mangy Moose in Teton Village!

The tram holds 101 people! You get packed in like sardines and people start mooing. You couldn't fall down it you tried.
From the top of the tram. The sight was unreal!
It dropped one more degree and then started blowing on top. Insta-wind burn

Jeff and Andrea on their way to a good time
The whole crew livin' it up on New Years at the condo. Front row: Jeff, Rachael, Adam. Back row: Andrea, Me and Mike

The Grand Teton's at sunset. Spectacular!
-20 degrees. The high we saw over the whole trip was 12
Mike ice climbing
My ice axe broke loose shortly after this shot and I went swinging and flailing. Adrenaline RUSH!
Jeff showing us how it's done.

From Targhee's highest point.

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