Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Long Overdue Blog (Life) Update

I'm gonna throw a bunch at you all at once since I'm so long overdue on this update.  All of 2012 in a fly by blogging.  2012 involved so much rad that I can't contain it all here.  This year involved learning a lot of new skills and seeing a crazy number of amazing new places.  It was one big escape from the realities of day to day life or at least what you'll see here was anyways.  
Real life changes outside of all this fun outdoorsy stuff can be summarized very briefly - called it splitsville with a woman and moved on like a pro.  I've got the same job and it's still treating me more or less adequately.  I've continued to feel more confident in my ability at said job as well.  I never dread coming in to work, which is something I value a lot.
As for the outdoorsy stuff: Many great friends joined me on some awesome trips into some of the most unique places I've ever been lucky enough to explore.  Thanks to all those who got on the awesome train of 2012 with me!  Here it goes, in random order since I didn't want to spend the time organizing photos perfectly in chronological order:

Anderson Lake hike -  Here's the outflow from Boulder Lake

Summer fun in the back yard at my sisters place

Barney Warm Springs, loaded with tropical South American and African Cichlids

A paddle trip to Blue Heart Springs along the Snake River

Climbing Mount Borah, this time with no snow and we brought Lucy, my beagle.

Hiking in Browns and Hart Creek Canyons

Hiking the Bruneau Dunes during an early season camping trip

Chattanooga Hot Springs

Dirt biking near McCall

A camp trip at Three Meadows with the family for my Grandma's 90th Birthday

A caving/kayaking trip to Malheur Cave for Halloween

Electric charge competition

Climbing the rope up to explore the 2nd cave

Jumping out of the 2nd cave into the lake in the main cave

Halloween fun

Exploring the Middle Fork of the Owyhee River

Rappelling a 60ft waterfall in Poison Creek Canyon

Visiting Smith's Creek Falls

A first known descent into Sheepshead Canyon

Paddling up to Shoshone Falls

A hike above Red Rocks near Denver, CO

A hike along the Snake River near Halverson Lake

The most awesome trip of 2012!  Canyoneering five canyons, seeing many ruins and arches/bridges in Utah!

A backpack trip in the Wallowas

Add caption

A trip to Nevada to explore Whipple and Goshute Caves

Finally, a video of some cool stuff I've done over the last couple years condensed as tightly as I could make it



Josh said...

WOW! So much awesome packed into one little blog post. Words can't even express how stoked I got scrolling through that post!!! Yeah yeah yah! Dare I say that you have discovered what life is truly about? :) So awesome man, thanks for sharing!

Daniel Collins said...

Sweet pics. I am actually hoping to find out some about your trip to Cable Car a few years ago, and expecting that you check the newest posts more than your older posts.

Anyways, I live in Caldwell, am planning a trip to Cable Car Hot springs this summer, and am hoping I could get some info from you. My name is Daniel and my email is jovus@mail.com. Happy trails.

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