Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Old Back Yard

Standing atop a cliff that I've been going to since I can remember being able to walk brings back a few memories. This time was different than the fifty other times I'd been there in one way, I brought a camera. From this vantage point, many a hunter has collected their yearly food stock, but on this day, all I requested was a good view. 200+ feet below, a lone doe walked across the old ice mines, holes dug out of large volcanic rock to keep food cold many years previous. Welcome to my old back yard.

That is Moscow Mountain in the background, just left of center.

On the hike down and around from the cliff to the ice mines for the usual closer inspection, we found signs of somebody's successful hunt.
Going back down the hill, a picture of the cherry orchard was in order. The orchard used to produce large tasty cherries, but after years of not being cared for, they grow smaller and less impressively.
The cherry orchard was/is on the right side of the flat section in the center of the picture. Note the large "K" on the hillside to the left for Kendrick.

As for the rest of the weekend, a seafood dinner Friday night started things on the right foot! The next day Lianne, Mark and the kids showed up (older sister and family) and a trip to the bowling alley was on the agenda. Watching a 3 and 5 year old bowl two games was great, many times wondering if the ball would eventually hit the pins or not. Maybe a little embarrassing on my part though when I could only muster a bit more power as my back was still messing with me. It was more of a shuffling/sliding effect of getting the ball down the alley than true bowling.
The next day, Kyley got to experience my dad's road motorcycle, the Honda Goldwing. Later, we took the kids down to the park where I used to play and showed them the pool where I learned to swim. Many a good tan was earned there, no farmers tans from riding a bike too much back then. Eventually, the time came for the usual late departure and return to the real world, here and now.

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