Thursday, October 04, 2007

Welcome To The Boondocks

Dad came down over the weekend and took the family out to Boondocks Saturday. Good stuff I tell ya! Unlimited go-carting, laser tagging, miniature golfing, air hockey, skeetball, et cetera bodes well with the high energy types (pronounced Y-en's). Most of us left with at least one mark for wrecking the go-carts, but you don't get kicked out until you've got 3 strikes, so we were all good to go. My personal favorite was the 19 cart, but the 3 wasn't too shabby either. Here's the proof that the fam is a hint on the competitive side - Dad taking Rhett for a spin in one of the double karts:
Older sis' Lianne leaning into it:
Kathleen with Mom at the helm

The niece and nephew were the most excited of anyone, but they were just missing the height limit to drive the karts on their own:
7hrs of fun will make one hungry, so off to the food court it was:
The skeetball record at Boondocks needed to be broken! My "regular" scores weren't anything to write home about, but the record score popped out a lot of tickets for the kids to go pick out kewl toys. If ever you feel the need to tie my record, here's how to do it, with the left hand none the less. Don't forget to grab the ball before it drops in the bottom hole if you do happen to miss!

None of the miniature golf pics that I wanted to turn out turned out, but this one is good anyways. It was a runaway landslide victory by Lianne, although Josh (brother-in-law) was keeping it close until about 6 or so holes to go.
Pop's also took the crew out to dinner and a movie Friday night. Joe's Crab Shack was fun, but Balls of Fury was pure cheese that only Jack Black could have made better. Sunday morning was spent having a good breakfast at Goldy's with the entire family; that's a pretty good place with unique menu selections.
The coming weekend will include a 4 seater flight into Smiley Creek Lodge (pilot Jim Babb of Grangeville) and a hike into one of a few different possibilities of mountain lakes, then dirtbiking on Sunday.

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