Monday, January 28, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty, Which Way To Goose Lake?

On the 26th day of 2008, a new experiece was to be had that just flat out rocked! Brundage offers an amazing experiece called the "cat track adventure" and it's a must for anyone who can't get enough outdoor thrills! It might be likened to the poor man's heli-skiing experience. You hop into a snow cat and take off on tracks that aren't even officially roads. They aren't maintained and if there is a downed tree in the way, ya just go over it 'cause it's under 10 feet of snow.

Once at the mountain, you get trained on how to use a beacon in the event you or your friend gets barried. Eventually, you get pointed in the direction of a sweet drop that really can't be equalled on the main hill unless, by some miracle nobody decided to show up for a month straight and all the groomed runs grew old growth trees in the middle of them. Yup, it's amazing!
Hopefully the the cat beats you to the bottom of the hill, but it never happened for us. Until the eighth run, we didn't really have to wait more than a few minutes. Run eight turned out to be our last. Our cat drivers first day was, you guessed it, the 26th day of 2008 and the weather was less than conducive to finding the right path. After an hour and a half of hanging out at the shore of a frozen over Goose Lake, we were contemplating learning the art of making a snow cave, hunting squirrels and the conversation covered the movie Alive more than once. Then the radio lit up with the news that our cat driver had been found by the other snow cat that was on the mountain that day. Warmth and a safe ride home, a good way to finish off a killer day on the hills!
Of course I had to see where we went and here it is. Yup, we crossed Goose Lake in a quarter million dollar machine. I would have guessed that the water was frozen pretty hard, but nope, there was open water half way out that we just traversed around. How cool is that?!

The way to finish off a good day of skiing? Hows about gambling, a good dinner and a few beers with family?
post script - here comes the Blue Man Group Friday night at the Idaho Center and learning to snowboard on Saturday at Bogus! Good times! Thanks pops for the weekend!

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