Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The B's of February

This is the month of B's. MayBe next month will Be C's? Did I miss the A's in January?
A quick run down so you don't get Bored. I learned to Board at Bogus with Charlene to start the month and was sore for a few days after. Fun, But ouch!
The following weekend, free tickets at Brundage since they left us out at Goose Lake for an hour and a half when we were cat track skiing. NoBody's Been utilizing Brundage and there is a ton of fresh snow! Really, it's stellar, again!
Weekend Before last, Charlene and I tacked on a couple more B's. Crosscountry skiing at Banner Ridge and then hiking into Bonneville hot springs - side note: ski or snowshoe it if you decide to go, it's further than I thought it would Be when snow closes the road to the campground.

Last weekend, Dad came down and we decided a hike was in order. The only place I could think of that might Be somewhat dry was the Jump Creek Canyon area. We never really went down into the canyon, we just followed the rim. Along the hike, we saw a really cool Beehive.

Other notes... Back to riding the Bike more! The temps are more than just a little tantalizing to want more time on the Bike and a few more degrees.
That last B... not much fun But new car tires and all the fun in the snow has left me Broke with a capital B. You can clearly see Below why I needed new tires. An engine and windshield are next on my list.

1 comment:

GrillTech said...

Its about freaking time there was a new post.. Sheesh. And finally mentioning Charlene.. Although I try real hard not to use real names in my blog.

BTW the new car rocks.. Bet using the fred flinstone method of accelerating and braking saves a fortune in gas.

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