Monday, February 25, 2008

Camp Kick My Butt

For over a week now, I've been dealing with something that decided to crawl into my lungs and die. By Wednesday and Thursday, I was more or less useless and my voice was gone. Thursday, Charlene and I decide to make our way to another hot springs that had been on my list of must sees. Tough drive and easy hike later, we made it to Loftus hot springs. On the drive back, we spooked a couple elk crossing the road and got a good river fording photo.
Come Saturday, our team camp for 08 rolled around and my lungs were riding the fence of wether or not they wanted to be outside. Guess what? I gave 'em the nod and kicked 'em into ludicrous speed. For a while, they hated me. Then they disliked me. Then they had a mild distaste for me. Then I felt good for a little bit. That's about the time my roommate, Buster, decided to lock up his front wheel with Tad's rear derailleur and break his collar bone in two places! OUCH! The pin is coming soon. I'm sure his dogs don't mind the downtime, but the crew's gonna miss the bruiser for the next 6 to 8.
The next day, we did an EHB (Emmett Horseshoe Bend) loop. By the time I got a mile into the HB hill, the crew was way gone up the hill and my body hated me, screaming for mercy! So I pushed my body through the rest of the hill at a painful crawl (170 to 200 watts) and hopped in the follow Caravan - thanks Vern! They need to make something comparable to lung draino. Maybe a lung brush? Maybe even something like the snake for a toilet? Everyone on my team is flying and I gotta be on par. As one Rusty Beat-all once said about this time of year, "it's go time."

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