Sunday, April 06, 2008

Powertapped Weekend On The Road

The Hell of the North on Saturday and Pirds of Prey on Sunday.
Here's the power numbers since I finally decided to race with the tap.
Those SLC guys sure do like to spike the power and then lay off.

Note, there is a kilometer of missing data for Birds of Prey since I flatted at a very inopportune time. Also, I was riding a completely out of true wheel that was rubbing the brakes towards the end of the race as it just kept getting worse.
Results from Salt Lake's Hell of the North: 1st Rose, 2nd Calvin, 3rd Matt. Ah yeah! That sort of makes up for all the times those SLC guys put the hurt on us at Gate City Grind. BTW, thanks for the place to stay and breakfast Andre! Results (select 2008 results, our group is pro,1,2)
This is what the majority of travel weekends look like, minus the dirt. This is the pre-race drive of the 1.7 mile dirt section that we did 10 times.
Pre-race preparation sometimes spreads out to the local parking area.
Finishing up the Birds of Prey road race on Sunday. Stupid flats with 1K to go. Oh well, the team still rocked it! Richard Feldman laid down one amazing effort in the last five miles or so! He made us work for it. Results
Derailing from the racing scene; great news, Charlene made it through a "dump loop" before they shut it down for the rest of the year and completely remove "the wall." For those that don't know, the "dump loop" is Hill Rd to Seaman's Gulch Rd (past the Boise dump) to Hidden Springs to Dry Creek/Cartwright Rd to Bogus Basin Rd. That's a pretty big accomplishment for only her second ride ever!
And here's the resume if you were looking to get me a j.o.b. The phone numbers have been removed to protect the innocent.
As one of Chang's shirts says, "I'm Digitally Active."

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