Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Strange Place For Road Bikers

Dirt courses are designed for mountain bikes and bmx's right? Yeah, it's true, I won't try to contend that, but us road bikers don't mind testing our skills once in a while. The new Idaho Velopark is getting developed nicely and will eventually have a velodrome for us road toads, but for now, it's just got the dirt sections. Check out this great vid of better bike handlers than me on the courses we played around on:

Anyways, here's the pics from our off road fun.

BTW, the Emmett Roubaix went off today and it went as good as it could have for the team and myself. Four of us Bob's got away in the first time through the dirt section, but JRose flatted almost immediately. The remaining three stayed away for a 51 mile break. Results
I doubt you're interested, but here's the power data:


Steve Ballmer said...

I love your pictures, good blog!

J. Mayfield said...

I dig the road bikes on the at the velo park. Rumor has it Chris had his road bike in a 2 wheel slide on one of the corners. Nice. Congrats on winning today too.

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