Monday, November 24, 2008

Morrison Knudsen Nature Center

It's small and geared more towards teaching kids how nature works, Idaho's in particular. In reality, every adult, no matter how educated and confident in their knowledge of how things work, could benefit from a trip through every now and then. These are the things that make Boise a fantastic place.
Also, the free speech by Greg Mortenson (Three Cups of Tea) at the Morrison Center was well worth a Tuesday night! Did I mention free?! Yeah, it was free... and good!
On a totally different note, Kai and I did a full Bogus on Saturday. If you needed a "Matt perceived temperature gauge" from beginning to end, here it is:
1. Start: cold outside at base, but feeling good.
2. Mid section: colder, but feeling good to be able to say I'm actually climbing Bogus in November
3. 12 mile marker: hands starting to feel chilly even while climbing, typically a bad sign.
4. Top of the climb: Kai consumes a banana and puts on layer seven hundred and ninety two, Matt zips up three layers.
5. Couple miles down: brrr... getting colder, but pedaling hard keeps things okay.
6. 6 mile marker: where did Matt's hands go? Did I leave them on the road somewhere?
7. Little climb back up to Corrals: oh, there's Matt's hands, just a smidgen of a tingle though.
8. Flat section before getting home: meet up with Jonathan on the road and do my best to pretend that there are still rational thoughts going on in my head.
9. Home: place hands near space heater and go through pain of bringing back feeling. Explicative, explicative, explicative, explicative, explicative...... repeat. Hot bath.... all better.
Must I always make some bad choice in clothing at some point when temps are changing before I take a hint and overdress rather than risk under dressing?
Anyways, here's some pics from the MK

No Scuba Steve gear required


GrillTech said...

The Nature Center Rules. Hmmm haven't been there for a few years. Might be a good thing to do on a weekend.

Sarah B said...

Aw man, I really wanted to see Greg Mortenson, as I recently finished the book and really enjoyed it. The Man (not B) made me go to palm springs though, and hang out with old rich folks instead.

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