Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recent Endeavors

Two days before T-day, my Dad's new wife, Raina, shot a cow elk and the next day I got the chance to go see some great country while packing it out. On the way up, I ventured out to Last Chance hot springs just to find out it wasn't really warm enough right now for a good soak. Then Thanksgiving at my sister Lianne's new place. As is tradition, it was a smidgen of overkill in the food department. On the trip back, Charlene, Shealynn and I visited another new hot springs. Trail Creek hot springs did not disappoint in any way! Well designed and perfect temperature!

I probably didn't need to take this, but it seemed cool

Near the kill, an old eagles nest

The Seven Devils from near Chair Point

Charlene and Shealynn at Trail Creek hot springs

1 comment:

Hot Springs Guy said...

Nice! Trail Creek is usually a stellar soak! Great pics...

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