Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Seven Devils And Hiawatha Break

A break from the real world is a great way to keep an even keel. The same ol' same ol' gets old and everyone knows that the spice of life is variety.

Charlene and I met up with my Dad and took off to Echo Lake in the Seven Devils

Echo Lake at sunset after a solid eight or nine mile hike in.

The following day, Triangle Lake lost a few fish, one by hand!

Charlene caught two of the three biggest fish. Thanks for feeding pops and I.

Echo Lake before heading to bed as a few thunder clouds veered away from our camp.

We followed up backpacking with a ride on the Hiawatha Trail. My long lost lil' Sis Tara decided to come back from Kazakhstan for the summer and join us and have a good time.

Many trestles needed crossing and big mountains gazed upon

and a few big tunnels were ventured, including a 1.3 mile behemoth

A fitting end shot.

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theHSG said...

Awesome! Beautiful country... I've done the Hiawatha in the past, maybe even this summer. Those tunnels are a nice reprieve from the heat, if it's warm out. I fried a transmission on the way down from Seven Devils a couple years ago... ugh. It was brutal.

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