Saturday, June 09, 2007

rockin' the Eagle Criterium

Somewhere around 15 to 20 minutes into Friday night's Eagle Criterium, I flew the coupe trying to get up the road after the field had been chasing a break that had my teammate Brandon Archibald in it (team bios: After passing the break and having gained something like 10 seconds on the break and 15 or so on the field, I heard over the radio that Brandon (aka Buster) had split the break and was coming up solo. I sat up until Buster was on my wheel. I gave him a couple laps to draft me and then we started working evenly, splitting the workload lap for a lap. We were getting time splits on corner two every time around and occassionally on the race radio. The gap was getting larger and larger until all of a sudden we were told that it had shrank a bit and then we kept getting reports that the gap was getting smaller and smaller each lap, which made us a bit nervous since we only had around 12 minutes left in the race. Then we rounded corner 2 with about 8 minutes to go and we could see the field going into corner 3! All of a sudden, we realized that the gaps we were getting had been flipped from how far up we were to how far away from lapping the field we were. With 3 laps left in the race, we caught the field. This thoroughly messed up the officials keeping track of who would finish 1-2 and then 3rd and so on. From the moment that we could see the back side of the field, I knew that we were going to take 1-2 and that Brandon had most assuredly earned just such a win. It was crazy awesome for our team to go 1-2 in front of a large downtown Eagle crowd. So much fun.Jami's gone for 2 weeks (1 week in Montana and 1 in Nez Perce, ID) now, so you can count on some more frequent blogging, hopefully I can keep em' interesting :)

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J. Mayfield said...

That was an impressive showing. Congrats!

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