Monday, June 11, 2007

You are what you eat, so start pumping the high octane gasoline

Okay, this might sound weird to those who don’t care about what kind of foods they put in their mouths, but cyclists become something like pseudo-nutritionists if they want to get ahead. Food to a cyclist is like gas is to a car and the higher octane stuff ya put in, the faster it goes. Since I’ve been a cyclist for 13yrs now, I’ve read my fair share about all sorts of foods. So, I got the crazy idea that maybe (key word there) it would be an interesting thing to share my grocery list. Since I prefer fresh foods, I gotta hit up the grocery stores at least once a week, so the following list is for something like 1 weeks worth of food. Be forewarned, this may seem like a disgusting volume of food to the non-cyclist!
Anything with an O next to it means that it’s organic.
1st, I hit up Fred Meyer:
Kettle Tortilla chips – O
2 rolls Smoked Salmon and avacado Sushi (yeah, I ate that right away)
32 oz Stonyfield yogurt – O
3 cans of Fred Meyers Oysters (loaded with Iron – only brand that tastes good)
2 cans Healthy Valley Turkey Chilli
bag of dried ginger - O
Barbara’s blueberry fig bars - O
32oz Aloe Vera juice (first time trying this stuff) - O
2 cans of Muir Glen split pea soup – O
1 can of Wolf Gang Puck tortilla soup – O
2lb Continental Salad, spring mix - O

2nd, I head on over to Winco for more
9 cans of Brunswick herring sardines
Idaho Harvest golden flax and whole grain bread - O
3 bags of frozen Dole blueberries
total of 1lb of Tony’s smoked salmon
6 pack of Guiness Draught (first time I’ve bought beer at the grocery store this yr)
2 large avocados
1lb of flax seed meal
3 Kiwi’s
1.5lbs of Kale
1lb of Spinach – O
3 red pears (usually get Dan’jou pears)
2 bottles of Briana salad dressing (1 honey Dijon, 1 poppy seed)
32oz bottle of Bolthouse Veggie
1 gallon of milk (sometimes I go with organic, but that stuff is spendy!)

Things that I usually get, but didn’t have to this last week:
1lb of freshly ground almond butter
1lb of locally harvested clover honey
box of Sweet Home Farm honey nut granola
box of kelloggs all-bran original
box of uncle sam’s original
large bag of bin fruit granola cereal mix
Since my dad got his elk last year and I helped pack it out, I got 34lbs of that and I’d guess that there is about 10 to 15lbs of that still around. Also, the neighbors gave us some deer meat, so we occasionally dig into that as well.
I also take two Omega-3 pills per day – the ones from GNC with GLA and all sorts of other cool Omega’s in em’.
In general, I try to keep a high volume of fruits, vegetables and foods that are less processed and prefer them to be organic. I try to eat a high fiber diet with less saturated fats and more poly and monounsaturated fats (very picky on whether or not the poly-unsaturated fats are processed as they oxidize very badly and are big time known cancer causers).


Stu Cycling said...

Dork Dork Omega Dork dork dork dork then dork dork dork

Your Tss must off the charts after writing that post!!

Justin Rose said...

ditto. and yuck. sardines and oysters? dude, if you want iron, have some cereal... no milk, of course. can't have calcium in the way.

p.s. i miss you matty.

Justin Rose said...

wait a second, mr. health... what kind of milk do you get? skim is the best for you, isn't it?

Matt Weyen said...

I use 1%, but that's just 'cause skim is too watery for me. Hey, kick @$$ at Elkhorn for me would ya... I can't believe I have to miss a cool race for a wedding... ugh

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