Monday, August 27, 2007

A Weekend In The Treasure Valley

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Another race season is very, very close to being over. The last sanctioned races of the year in the Treasure Valley have just come and gone and guess what? The Bob' team bookended the year with wins! The road race on Saturday started with attacks from the gun, almost entirely from my teammate Justin Mayfield. Once he had broken the fields back and slipped away, I recieved permission from our team captain to bridge the gap. After shedding the two guys that tried to make the bridge with me, Justin and I were gone. It was around 4 miles into a 97 mile race and we were somehow supposed to make 93 miles go by very quickly. This is something I have never even attempted let alone succeed at. Last year, Justin went on this exact same kind of "suicide attack" and almost stuck it. His efforts resulted in my winning the State Champs last year, so this year I wanted to make sure that those efforts were repaid. Once I got on his wheel this year, we went into an immediate 1 minute pull trade off. We synced our clocks and pulled evenly for the remaining 93 miles. Roughly 230 1 minute swaps at the front! That's what you call a two man team time trial. The pace would go up and down depending on how much confidence we had that the gap was insurmountable. The final gap ended up being roughly 11 minutes or 4.5 miles. The first big lap went by very quickly when we were first developing the gap and the speed didn't drop off much for the second big lap. By the second of the smaller laps, our speed had dropped off a bit, but the feeling of accomplishment was starting to sink in for sure. As you can see in the picture, Justin rolled in to become the new Idaho State Road Race Champion. Following in for 3rd was none other than our team captain Tad Hamilton. Yes you can win a date with him, but you're gonna have to get permission from his wife first. Also, in fifth was the cramping up Brandon Archibald. That's one impressive showing for the Bob's crew, no doubt.

The next day proved to be more difficult for the Bob's team to control. There were many racers with fresh legs, ready to cover every little move. Eventually, we got a move up the road with 3 of us and 2 of the Bode crew. From that move, we launched Justin Rose up the road, one of our guys with fresh legs. It was a very good thing that he was able to stay away since all of the moves behind were being covered and the field would not break up. Into the second to last corner, two Bode guys wrecked out and completely changed the dynamics of the race for second. Again, it was a good thing that Rose was gone because that wreck really messed up the outcome from behind. Perpetual strong man Tim Root pulled out the silver from the field sprint. All-in-all, 2 Bob's State Champions in 2 days is a pretty sweet way to end the sanctioned season. Now we just need to finish it off with a Bogus Basin "World Championships" Hillclimb win.

Also, my dad decided to come down for the weekend and stayed out at my sister and brother-in-law's. Very good to have family come down and go do stuff away from cycling on such a super cycling saturated weekend. I think he met half of the Boise cycling community in the two days of handing out bottles and watching us go in squares.

Next weekend is going to be the first time in waaaay too long that I get to go camping up on the North Fork of the Clearwater River and luckily it will be for a 3 day weekend. Before that, I'm meeting up with some ol' friends for a brewsky or 5 friday night. Soooo looking forward to a 3 day weekend. Supposedly the Kokanee are running this time of year and will turn the river red. The Kokanee over at Municipal Park/MK Nature Center have turned red, so I'd guess that to be a good indication of what I'll see up north. Typically 3 days is considered a short time, but since I've blown all of my vacation on bike racing, my perspective on time off has to be temporarily adjusted.

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