Friday, August 17, 2007

speed limit 10mph

So this blog is going to deviate from the standard "how it goes" blog entry.

There are a bunch of ways to cross the country and see things in new and enlightening ways. None of which I have ever done, but there is now a newly confirmed possible method of doing so. The retired prefer a motorhome. The young have a tendency to prefer a motorcycle. The hardcore go via bicycles. The extremely hardcore hike it. There is another branch of extremely hardcore that race it on bicycles in an event called the RAAM (race across america). No, I'm not going to do the RAAM next year if that's where your mind was wondering. Sleep deprivation and going broke for no real reason isn't what I have in mind...yet. For the time being, I'm just kind of curious about how the journey Josh Caldwell and Hunter Weeks took from Seattle to Boston went. They decided to give up the regular 9 to 5, hop on segways, roll along at 10mph for a few thousand miles and document the whole thing. Might as well take a chance at making some $ along the way if you're gonna give up your steady source right? I like the idea, now I just gotta watch the flick.
Anyone want to invest in 15 pairs of roller shoes (14 spares) and hit the road? Just don't ask for rollerskates or blades, we gotta go slower and on less reliable transportation to make this show stand out amongst the competitive documentaries coming out. Maybe we could incorporate a shopping cart, worked for Johnny Knoxville. Keywest sounds like a good destination to me, but I guess we could have a game of rocks, paper, sissors on where we go if you think somewhere else is more desirable. Since I don't have a digi-cam, that's going to be a prereq for being invited! Maybe we can put on beer can caps and fill em' with electrolyte energy drinks for the extra unique feature. Another option is to make the whole trip on Subway food only and call the documentary Superslim Me. I wouldn't mind being Jared's replacement. Or forget Subway and go the route of eating only at Dick's restaurants, I'll let your creative mind come up with the title for that one. Borat needed a quest of Pamela Anderson, so I guess something like that couldn't hurt. Any chance that a roller beauty queen that likes Subway food lives in Key West?
Anyways, I've bored myself with writing about docu/mocumentaries and will move on to the very brief "how it goes" section.
Camping was a good time, but waaay too brief. I finally got to do some mountain bike riding. 4.5hrs on a rough dirt road. I'm not sure that counts 100% since it was all dirt road, but 4.5hrs has got to count for something, right? The work week has been too busy and I want (borderline need) time off to chill. This weekend is a trip to Chicago for a criterium. Figure 8's over a 1 mile course. It is predicted to be in the rain and I'm wondering if I'm going to melt. Rain is this foreign thing that I've kind of forgotten exists.
The race form is definitely coming around again as I've felt substantially better this week in the local hill climb and TT than weeks before. Hopefully the national criterium championships will go the way we hope. We're sending a solid crew of Campbell, Rose (sometimes referred to by jokers like myself as Princess Rose - yes, he's going to kill me for this reference), Buster and myself (Mike Charlie Whisky - phonetics for MCW).
Anyways, I'll do what I can to keep you informed-
Mike Charlie Whisky

P.S. if you want to order the DVD or just read up on it.

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