Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Permanently Clean House Vs Occassional Disaster Area

Since moving into Boise and having a guy for a roommate rather than the (ex) girlfriend of almost 8yrs there are a few things that I've learned. 1st on that list is that I am now required to do half of the organization and cleanliness. Luckily, we're both relaxed about the whole cleaning topic. Cleaning on my own accord is this strange new beast that I must overcome on a more frequent basis than I'm used to. I am used to this level of organization all the time.
No that is not my stuff, but it does portray how it used to be, more or less all the time. Key words being USED TO BE. Now, I call the shots and on the rare occassion it still looks like that, but when it does, I feel more inclined to take a picture of my accomplishments. More often than not, you'll see my room looking something like this.

Okay, maybe there's a bit of dramatization purely for the blogs purpose in that picture, but you get the idea. I try, it's true, but there's a balance to everything and being a clean freak just cuts into free time too much. It just takes too much time to be on the super organized level if I still want to have fun. As a cyclist and an outdoorsy enthusiast in general, things need to be cleaned and organized very frequently just to keep order of what's going which direction. Things fall out of order fairly quickly. So the goal now is to become as efficient as possible. Do 90% of the job in 50% of the time, riiiight. Anyways, I've written way too much about cleaning and you have full right to razz me about it the next time you see me.
The other things that were already known but just further confirmed: Boise is better for riding and it's is way better for anything social, getting out in a minutes time is not a problem.
So, I've rambled more than enough today. Until I get another wild hare to blog about more boring things, hope you enjoyed.

1 comment:

GrillTech said...

Dude that kind of closet just screams OCD

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