Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bob's Does Business With Some Horse Power

Baker City brought some talent this year and the Bob's squad was in full force and in some good form to throw down. Kevin Rowe won the first stage with four more of us following in very closely behind in the top 12! The next day, the time trial went fairly well. I was fourth, 11 seconds back of the winner, Sammy J, and now only one second out of first! The guy that started right behind me, Seth Hosmer, beat me by one second and was in the front group at the line in stage one. There were five Bob's in the top 10 spots after the TT!! and another !
Going into the criterium, the rain caused wrecks in the womens field and the officials decided that rain would cancel our race. That's a first in all the years of racing I've done.
Going into the last stage, the 101 mile Mt. Dooley road race, we had a lot of cards that we could play with five guys within 38 seconds of the leader. Two different early breaks formed that eventually merged to become one and of the 20 riders up the road, four were Bob's including two of our top 10 riders. Eventually, Canadian pro Will Routley and Rowe slipped the field and caught the breakaway just before the base of the final climb, Mt. Dooley. Routley put in a massive effort over the stage and held on for the win, but at the top, Rowe was only a handful of seconds back. In the last 250 meters, Rowe threw in an attack on Routley, but the Canadian had some gas left in the tank and bolted out to the win. In the end, Rowe was 2nd and Justin Mayfield 3rd overall, a very strong showing for our team! Unfortunately, two of our top 10's going into the stage (myself and Justin Rose) didn't really get to play out the stage so much. Props to Rowe for a super strong finish on Dooley!

Mid time trial, that's a major pain face right there!

Neutral section going under the train bridge in Baker on the Dooley stage.

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GrillTech said...

Looks like your keeping pretty busy. I heard this is your last year of competition riding. Is that true? I also tagged you with a Meme on my blog.

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