Sunday, June 08, 2008

Camel Falls And Ste Chapelles

Charlene and I checked out a few new places this weekend. Finding Camel Falls was the hard part, but unquestionably worth the effort. With no trail to get to the falls, it's a must to know exactly where you're going before heading out for Camel Falls! Without a gps and the coordinates, there's no way we would have gotten there (okay, maybe the old fashion way would have worked) from Mud Flat Road (the Owyhee Uplands Byway road). The map shows a road running along side Camel Creek, but that road does not exist and there isn't any ground that looks to have been bladed for a road.

The lake at the bottom of the falls, which is more of just a trickle even this time of year.

Venturing out into the water

From above the falls

Looking South from near Camel Falls. There are many slot canyons not far out there, but we didn't have time to get to them. Maybe a backpacking trip is in order for further exploration. Also, Star Reservoir is just to the right of what you can see in this picture and supposedly has some good fishing.

Near the start/finish at the corrals

Charlene in a field of wildflowers and junipers

N42 32.700, W116 37.320 is the exact coordinates of the falls

The next day, we went out to take a tour of the Ste Chapelles winery, definitely worth the trip out there! BTW, it's only $5 for the tour, five taste tests and a wine glass.

They wouldn't let me open the bottom and start a massive keg stand

When they are bottling, 90 bottles per minute fly through here.

If you're thinking I'm not riding the bike much, you'd be wrong. Last week had a lot of intensity and one ride out to Moores Creek Summit and back (110 miles).
Anyone know how to get the select button on my powertap working again sans sending it in? Rain and the tap don't get along too well.

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GrillTech said...

Wine? You need to head out to Baker and check out the brewery.

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