Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nearly A 200 Meter Race

After 200 meters, a few guys decided to get all excited and wreck in this years running of the Eagle Criterium. One after the other went down and eventually my turn came. I was almost certain that I could avoid it at first, but after a few too many other guys had the same idea as me to dive inside on the corner, I was left with nowhere to go but into the rear wheel of Ben M. at about seven or eight mph (the brakes had already done a pretty good job at that point). With a sore left shoulder, the rest of the race went a bit better, for me that is. There were three more wrecks (all four in corner one), the last with three laps to go and three of my teammates went down in it. All three did pretty severe damage. Buster destroyed his really expensive front wheel and landed on his previously broken collar bone, but the metal that's still in there held tough. Stu fractured a finger. Worst of all, Slack was knocked unconscious and couldn't be moved from the corner, which neutralized the race. Calvin was away at the time and awarded the win, but there was no second place. Pictures will be coming soon as Cody was out doing a fantastic job. The guy can take some real shots!

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