Saturday, August 23, 2008

Derange The Status Quo

Mixing up the norm frequently is an unending desire for some. If you're good at it, the only constant is change. This time, the change was to my feet. Some toenails decided to turn purple. Some skin decided to fill with water. And some muscles decided to not like me anymore. All for the purpose of getting to see some incredible land and tough it out with a hardcore bunch of outdoorsy fanatics.

The assembled trail hit men just itching to get out of civilization.

Seth and I flying in

The last time all of us were clean at one time. Seth, me with Lucy at my feet, Dad with Mitzi behind him, Gary, and Doug

Trail sputtered out and cross-country hiking ensued. Keep in mind that some of our packs were 60+ lbs, mine included

Three stings from these #$*@er's on day one

A bend in the North Fork of Moose Creek

Seth on an overlook

Extra curricular activities - a hike up to a natural elk/dear lick found us a great pic and some elk antlers

Moose Creek landing strip

The Selway River

Camp detonates every which way

The views are fantastic and never ending

Jumping from a 15ft rock... gotta open the pic

Day 1 - 13 miles, by far the hardest day
Day 2 - 8 miles
Day 3 - 13 miles
Day 4 - 9 or 10 miles
Day 5 - 6 miles in the pouring rain
The first day, the trail has not been maintained since the last time we went through there and the brush was rough on the legs. Day two, Doug saw a huge black bear and Gary saw another. Day three, we dropped out of the mountains to the Selway River trail. Day four, we found a hole with at least fifty salmon lounging around. The last night out there, an extreme system came through and drenched the packs and most everything else. Luckily we had flies for the tents and kept dry for the night. The next morning, it was still pouring down and we had to pack fast and get out of there in a hurry. We did the last six miles soaked and at some top notch speeds.
Charlene couldn't get the time off, but it did save her feet and that first day was pretty hard.
The only way I'll do that exact same trip again is if they clean up that trail down Wounded Doe Creek! Amazing sites, but overly hard.

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