Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Orange County Part Deux

Yes, I had my first experience at the above listed business. No, I'm not actually 12... I don't think. Cheap bURGEr's!

Sunday's road race didn't go so well for anyone outside of California. 141 starters with roughly 50 finishers and probably 35 of those were from Cali. Between heat and high humidity, many of us were facing heat stroke conditions and didn't make it to the line. Wish we had started at 7 am instead of 2:30 pm.
A new personal record was set Monday to top things off. Five states in one day! Since Tadios minivan needed to drop off my traveling companions, Calvin and Slack, for the Tour of Utah, I got in a few extra hours of driving. Cali, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Idaho all in one day of 14hrs on the road. When we were in the Mojave Desert, AC/DC's - Highway To Hell came on and it seemed fitting since we were headed to Las Vegas.

Here's a bit of a ride I was on last Saturday through Silverado, an old mining town.

Friday was a trip to Knott's Berry Farm

The Supreme Scream was the personal fav

That rear tire deflated my chances for a shot at a good result at Nationals. Lots of work, all let out from 116 pounds of pressure.

1 comment:

Justin Rose said...

i gotta say that the pin job on your skin suit looks a little like a giant wind sail. the flat might have been good to put you out of your high-CDA misery.

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