Thursday, October 23, 2008

Greenspan Concedes That T-shirt Sales Are Down
Highlights from the article: (only partially onioned)
Former Treasury Secretary John Snow says:
"The U.S. needs ``one strong national regulator'' to oversee firms and fix what Snow called ``a fragmented approach'' to regulation. ``Steps to restore transparency and responsibility in the marketplace will go a long way towards restoring stability and confidence,'' he said."
Category 1 cyclist Matt Weyen reacts:
"So you're saying corporations should actually 'trickle down' their wealth? Maybe stop firing even the best employees one year before their retirement kicks in? Should the 'employer/employee contract' still mean anything?"
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan answers:
"Yeah, pretty much, it's a simple process. We thought we'd go against it anyways. The way we knew the U.S. had a problem was that our slogan t-shirts haven't been selling very well. If you want to buy into it anyways, here's the link:"

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