Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weird Weekend

It all started with snow Friday night... October 10th in Boise, Idaho. I knew the weekend couldn't possibly be normal with such a strange beginning.

Give it two months and I'll expect this.

Next, for some reason or another, I decided to show Charlene how to make a funny face that pops taught me waaaaaay back in the day. Turns out she's pretty good at it and told me she'd kill me if I kept the picture... hmm, wonder what she'll do when she finds out it's on my blog?

To perfect this, place your tongue over your top lip while pushing out the bottom lip as much as possible.

Sunday consisted of a different activity... hiking to find a thing I'd heard was a mini-Stonehenge.

Once we found it, the question of what it's used for came up immediately, any guesses?

After such odd events unfolding, I decided to try my hand at something else... turns out that I can walk on water! Eddie Money could have used this trick back in the 80's to get his woman back. Maybe they'll put me in Joe Dirt 2?

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