Friday, February 13, 2009

Ever Feel Like People Are Getting Dumber?

Does a worse diet, more fumes to breath in and too many people around have an affect on quality of life? My vote is yes. Last night, while listening to professor Coors about increasing the number of ears of corn on a plant, I got another reminder of how quantity and quality are typically inverses of one another. Quantity (of ears) goes up, quality goes down and vice-versa. Our population (quantity) keeps going up. Sure, we keep adding information onto the previously understood, but do you ever wonder if the percentage of people with some degree of common sense might be going down? Have you ever walked around in Walmart? For a real trip, try it late at night!
There just so happens to be a great movie out there that didn't get too much financial backing on the advertising side of things, but I hightly suggest! Odds are you've seen it. If not, watch it! If you've seen it, watch it again!


Hot Springs Guy said...

Well put. And, I vote YES too. Great movie, BTW. Kinda scary when you really think of the implications. A quick look around confirms my suspicions.

Anonymous said...

haha, looks like we've got the same damn thing on our minds. And Idiocricy is awesome.

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