Thursday, February 12, 2009

Honest Abe & Disturbing Darwin, Happy Birthday!

Today is the 200th year since the birth of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.
Mr. Lincoln... you set the U.S. in a direction that allowed us to succeed extremely well as a society! Thank you for your amazing insight! Hopefully our newest leader has a similar ability to lead our nation in such a direction.

Mr. Darwin... you disturb society since you came across some information that just can't be proven incorrect, but directly conflicts with the information in a book written by men thousands of years ago that tells us exactly how and why we need to live our lives. If the facts set forth in this book can be proven incorrect, why would we ever follow all of the other rules in such a book? It can't be wrong in any part or we have a major problem right?! We live lawlessly as anarchists and we revert to being middle of the food chain animals again, right? Well, maybe not. We still have knowledge, motivation, morality built by the need for teamwork, and enjoyment of life. Isn't the most central part of living happiness?

An excerpt from Susan Jacoby's Darwin the Disturber:
"It has been almost a year since I watched the person I loved most in the world move inexorably toward death, his great mind shutting down as a result of the inevitable, degenerative, entirely physical process of Alzheimer's Disease. Now he lives only in the memories of those who loved him--and our memories are as dependent on the physical health of our bodies as his were on his body. It does not enhance human dignity one bit to find a "spiritual" explanation for our higher mental functioning; nor does it decrease human dignity to look upon our highest achievements as part of nature, inexorably tied to the body that is ours for a finite period. This finiteness renders life more, not less, meaningful: we are enjoined to use the brains within our bodies to leave as much as possible to those who will inhabit the material world after us. Darwin faced reality, and that is why he was a human as well as a scientific giant."

If per chance you are interested in hearing more, here's the info:

Darwin Day Speaker James G. Coors, PhD


Thursday, February 12, 2009 7:00 PM


Education Bldg Rm 110
Boise State University 1910 University Dr
Boise ID 83701
(208) 426-4249

In celebration of the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth Professor Emeritus Department of Agronomy, James G. Coors from the University of Wisconsin, Madison will be speaking to us on Feb 12, 2009 at 7:00pm in room 110 of the Education building on the BSU Campus

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