Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Next time I ride and/or race a bike, I would really prefer to not flat. Five flats in four rides gets ob-f-ing-noxious! Especially twice in a race! After one flat, I chased back onto the field and caught on at the base of the hill, only to have to chase again after a minor breaking up of the field that I wasn't quite prepared to handle just yet. When I was getting close to reeling in the splinters, the rear wheel went flat and took out all odds of my finishing as I hadn't put in my spare rear wheel. Nuff said.

The next day, Charlene and I took off to Leslie Gulch to hike into Echo Rock Hot Springs. By the time we got about half way, the temps were too warm to consider a hot springs soak. As we approached the springs, we decided a soak in a near by creek much more appropriate. I dammed up a little pool and we soaked away an hour or so in a sweet lil' creek (Willow Creek). If we try this one again, it will be with lower temps and kayaks. Kayaks would really be the way to go! That might even motivate me to put the racks on my car and buy a kayak or two when I get a job.

A 4.5 mile hike or a ~3 kayak trip

The hot springs are just past that big rock (Echo Rock)

The sights are worth the trip into the area, even if just to see Leslie Gulch (none of the shots did it justice)

A perfect place for a kayak/hot springs adventure

1 comment:

theHSG said...

Right on man, great pics as usual! I have thought the same thing about Echo Rock via kayak... I think it gets to be a pretty popular destination throughout the summer. How was the soak? Curious, have you been to Oxbow hot springs?

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