Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Bogus Report

On occassion, us Bob's guys are required to write an article about the races we do. It was my turn to write about the Bogus Basin (World Championships) Hill Climb. Here's my pre-corrected recollection of how the race went up, in third person:

The 2007 Bogus Basin Hill Climb began with an immediate surge to speed set by ever present and powerful racers Bob Hoene and Joe Savola. Within a mile of the start, strongman and former Master’s World Champion Richard Feldman (Durance Cycleworks) jumped the field to set his own pace. One by one, various riders went to the front and set pace to keep Feldman within striking distance. Not long after passing the 6 mile marker (5 miles into the race), Feldman was brought back into the now very select front group of six. The select group of six began splintering not long after the 9 mile marker. By the 10 mile marker, six at the front were now down to three, Bob’s-Bicycles Matt Weyen, Feldman and BODE’s Eric Slack. Another mile up the road resulted in Slack popping off and fighting to get back on, no more than 15 seconds back of the final duo of Feldman and Weyen. At the 14 mile marker and with only half of a mile of climbing remaining, Weyen decided that it was time to test the waters and throw in an attack. Around 30 seconds later, Feldman was back on and within the minute laid down a counter-attack. Weyen was on Feldman’s wheel immediately at which point both men knew that it would be an even fight right up to the finish line. All the while, Slack was still within range of catching if the two front runners let up, so the pace had to be continued without any cat and mouse tactics. The race finishes at the Bogus Basin Ski Lodge after a one and a half mile flat section and for the first mile of flat land Weyen and Feldman worked evenly, taking short but fast pulls. With around a third of a mile to go, Feldman attacked into a sharp right-hander, immediately gaining two to three bike lengths on Weyen. The speeds at this point were 35+mph through the last few corners before the final 200+meters of straight away. Not long after the straight away presented itself Weyen caught and passed Feldman, crossing the line with a small, but hard fought gap. Slack rounded out the podium in 3rd, 50 seconds back. In 6th was Bob’s-Bicycles Justin Mayfield and Tad Hamilton finished 10th with a personal record time at the young age of 38.

Okay, so I forgot to mention that I had a short lived gap on Feldman. Didn't attack, just put the pressure on for a bit and looked back to find a gap that eventually got nullified.

Yeah, beating a World Champion (note the stripes on his sleeves) feels pretty good!

Results can be found here. Select "by time" to see all racers placings.

BTW, The 2007 season is officially over!

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