Sunday, September 23, 2007

Party, Party, and Row

Friday started things on the right foot, I guess. Drunken and tired just don't alway mix like you'd like em' to, but that was the case for me. Still, a good time was bound to be had when you've got the right crew together. We started at Gernika's and somehow we wound up at Hannah's and then the Bistro. None of which I had been to before and the second two probably won't be future destinations.

Next morning, wake up too late and head out for another party of a different kind. Mi Madre turned 60 on Thursday and a big surprise birthday party was planned for Saturday. My older sister Lianne did a lot of organizing to get a house on Lake Payette (McCall) all prepped and ready to shock mom. A limo picked up all of mom's good friends from all over the place. Most came down from Coeur D' Alene, but a number came up from the Treasure Valley as well. After picking up the ladies, they met up with mom and the first part of the surprise was uncorked. Us guys were back at the lake house to witness the second half of the surprise since she didn't know about the house either. It was a pretty cool setup. We packed that 4-ish thousand square foot house with people, presents, food and booze. One of the limited number of dishes that I can always seem to make without messing up went over pretty well, wish I'd made more of that herb and garlic marinated salmon and asparagus bake. After food, what do people break out? Beer! Ok, more beer wasn't what I had on my mind, but after spending time with friends and then a good nap, it was flowing down the hatch again. Good thing it's the offseason huh? I was unquestionably out of the "average" age bracket in the house and was saved slightly by my lil' sis and bro-in-law who made me feel like I wasn't the kindergartner amongst a sea of professors and teachers. Oh wait, my lil' sis and bro-in-law are teachers too. Where's Waldo? Something about a sore thumb? Anyways, here's the place, it's amazing:

Niece and nephew having some fun on the dock

The next morning, great pics abound:

The title did say something about rowing too right? There was a beauty of a blue kayak sitting in the garage just begging to be taken out on the water, so its wish was my command. Luckily there was wind and waves to make it a bit more exciting than pure flat water, especially since I couldn't find the skirt to keep the bigger waves from coming in and soaking my pants.
All-in-all, darn good weekend
Here's to more off-season! :B (beer emoticon)

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