Monday, January 05, 2009

Catching Up After Getting Not Free Internet

Ugh, the perfect neighbor moved out. No more free internet! It took a while to decide to go back to paying for the web again. It was a tough call between CableOne for cheaper and some degree of monitoring or Quest for more and no monitoring. Cheap won out the head-to-head. Also, a different neighbor decided to drop my cost per month by $18, all in exchange for a password!
I'm a little behind on the blog, so I'll just try to fill in the gap with pictures. Also, I managed to get in a three and a half hour ride on Saturday in 21 degree temps with the LAC/Bob's group ride. Thanks to six layers (two shells), I even worked up a good sweat.

XC-skiing near the Boise ridge line:

Charlene headed up the tracks from Kendrick

Dad too... sorry Raina, somehow the camera wasn't out at the right time

Me too

A trestle over Bear Creek

A Kazakh vodka New Years. Thanks Tara, that's the best vodka I've ever had by soooooo much!

We went to check out the Indian Bathtub hot springs, but they were too cold and the top pool hasn't recovered from the drought. Instead we went to the Bruneau Canyon Lookout

The other direction was more impressive, but the lighting kept me from getting any good shots.

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