Monday, January 19, 2009

More Getting Out Of The Inversion

A weekend with the family in McCall is a great getaway this time of year! Saturday: hit the tubing hill and play bingo. Sunday: skiing at The Little Ski Hill and then hot springing at Goldfork. Charlene and my nephew Rhett have recently taken up skiing and are making leaps of improvement each time out! All-in-all, a great way to break out of the grip of death that the ocean of nastified air has taken on the valley!

Upon reaching McCall, the time machine was showing signs of extensive use

Maybe I should have taken a few more steps to avoid the port-a-poopers. We witnessed a really little kid, maybe four yrs old, narrowly miss losing his fingers. He held onto the cable and then proceeded to continue holding until maybe a half inch before hitting the giant pulley at the top. He slipped out of his gloves and dropped maybe ten feet! Initially, some people feared that he'd lost the fingers on the first hand towards the pulley causing the release of the cable. Luckily that wasn't the case and he'd made the right decision at the very last moment.

And I couldn't leave out a shot of good ol' Goldfork Hot Springs

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