Friday, January 16, 2009

A Tribute To Beer

Here's to you Arthur Guinness. You've made what's considered a healthy concoction that treats my palate to a welcomed break from the same-ol', same-ol'. Upon ordering round one of the frothing happiness is the breaking point that my brain knows without any doubt that it gets to roll back a little maturity. As I hoist beer one, I'm your common 29 year old, semi-sophisticated, mostly politically incorrect yet moral, farm town raised, city slickin', outdoors adventuring, unemployed Idahoan. Concerns about anything that a functional adults mind goes through begin slip slidin' away. The switches in my brain that are normally connected and working properly to protect me from being swindled or ripped on for some sort of a slip up begin being unplugged. Rows 4,986,884,122 through 4,118,436,994 of Matt's neuro connections have been scheduled for temporary deactivation. Somewhere around neuro connector 4,588,975,124 being disconnected, the waitress brings round two. Neuro connections 4,118,436,993 through 3,855,433,801 know that they're about to get a break too! Continue this trend for as long as is necessary to maintain a safe "happy zone" without going into "tomorrow sucks zone." Once the happy zone has been met, leave it at that and enjoy. At this point, Matt usually has the concerns of a 12 year old, but the functional thoughts of about a 24 year old. Thank you beer, you make me temporarily dumber. "A little non-sense now and then is relished by the wisest men" -Ronald Dahl.
Eventually it's bed time since the remaining connections are worn out. The next day, you wake up with most or all of the connections going full on again, but don't worry, you didn't drain the reserves. It turns out that there are enough people who enjoy this process that the reserves don't ever go dry!

On a totally different topic... take a look at the local news article about Kip Ramos. Pleading not guilty to an action you can see plainly in the video on the same link. Just another example of accountability going out the window!

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GrillTech said...

Hmmmm Beer. There are some of use that even go so far as to make our own.. I've got a celebration ale clone and some pineapple/ginger weizen fermenting as we speak.

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