Friday, January 23, 2009

Loftus Hot Springs

We got even more time out of the inversion by heading to Loftus.

The Middle Fork of the Boise River at the pullout for Loftus

It was just barely warm enough for a soak, but it did the job

Loftus could use a bit of patch work with some concrete. It's about a foot low and I'm sure that the leak won't get any smaller on it's own.

Seven elk hanging out in the river at Twin Springs Resort. The seventh is that set of ears you see on the far right.


Hot Springs Guy said...

Ahh man! Loftus looks awesome! How was the middle fork road?

Great pics btw! Were the Elk chillin near the Twin Springs geothermal outflow?

Matt Weyen said...

The road had a lot of fallen rock, but none were big enough to hit the bottom of the Impreza.
I'm not sure where the outflow of Twin Springs is, but the elk were on the Northeast side of the resort.
Next up, I'd like to XC into Anderson. You ever do any XC-ing?

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